Just For Roo Card & Koko Koala Softie Fundraiser


As the World knows, Australia has been on fire since last June 2019, and in some parts they are still fighting the blaze even with the recent rains, these catastrophic bushfires have resulted in the loss of lives, homes and 1.25 BILLION animals have been affected. 30% of those being the entire population of koalas in New South Wales.

The Koala has now been declared as VULNERABLE and soon to be upgraded to CRITICALLY ENDANGERED, with the population being down to 5% and on the brink of extinction. This is not something that we can just ignore.

www.wires.org.au are a charity fighting to protect our planet, and are at the front-line of this devastating event, and WE want to help.

40% from the sales of the Koala Sofie will be donated to the Wires fund to go straight to the Australia Appeal, with 100% of the sale of the 'Just For Roo' card being donated.



- €3.25 Just For Roo Card

- €3.75 Minimum shipping rate on any greeting card

- €7 total - Of this 100% of €6 will go to Wires.org.au and €1 will go towards shipping fee



- €40 Koala Softie

- Includes free Just For Roo Card

- Site automates to Free Shipping option

- €8 of €48 will cover shipping fee

- 40% of €40 goes to Wires.org.au

- Koala is handmade & is not recommended for children under 3.


Delivery times vary depending on size of package and destination.

Price does not include duties and/or taxes for international shipments.

Code : Roo Card BB245 | Code : Koala + Roo Card BBGC1


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