Forget-Me-Not Family Calendar


I’ve never been a calendar person. In fact, up until the arrival of my two delicious little girls, I lived a very unstructured existence. Truth be told, you get away with this somewhat until your kids start to have schedules of their own… enter #badmom. So, having arrived one too many times to my daughter’s friends’ parties a full 24 hours late for the “gig”, I realised I needed to do something about it...


Included in your forget-me-not family calendar, are over 850 stickers. For example, if you’re just terrible at getting it together to go out with your partner for a date night (like many of us) stick a “date night” sticker on your month, and, bam! hit up the cinema, go for an Early Bird or just take a walk without the kids. Ok - this planner isn‘t going to sort out your babysitter for you, but if it’s on the wall, it’s a start!


VERY LIMITED RUN - Flaunt your all-over-it-ness to your visitors who will see how super stylee being organised can be. By Limited I mean limited. If you get one of these you will be one of a super small but savvy bunch. Verrrrrrry exclusive eh.


CALENDAR SIZE : 40cm wide x 30cm high

Wire bound with hanging loop.

850 useful stickers.

Perennial calendar at the back to mark up any important dates for the following year.

Printed on uncoated paper.

Shipping Worldwide.


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