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Ink in the Blood

I’m feeling this now. Truthfully, because I have a million other pressing things to attend to on my never-ending list of to-do’s; taking photos for my new look website, clearing (literally) my desk, replying to a ton of emails, pay for kids after school activities, go to the bank, do my admin, chase suppliers…but a blog is one of them, so a blog I must write.

And once in the swing of putting fingers to keyboard, I have always found that I quite enjoy it. And I know why...

An aunt of mine once said… ‘You have ink in your blood’ this blew my mind. It’s a seriously beautiful way to put it. And I do. My Dad was a journalist for 50 years and his father, a prolific crime novelist during 1930’s Dublin. His name was Rudolf Jones - his nom de plume was John Ross a.k.a ‘J.R. for thrills’ So with a rich history of words in my lineage, it’s not surprising that over the years i’ve been (queue blush) known for being a bit of a wordsmith.

I do like a ‘big word’, though not to be verbose (ahem, see what I did there ;) my love of words didn’t come from reading, I actually don’t ‘read’, I don’t have the patience as I’m not very good at it. I’m a logophile (cool word for word lover) because, from an early age, I used to do the Irish Times crossword with my pop. It was a great bonding experience and utterly fascinating watching him seemingly divine the answer from nowhere. When he’d get a particularly obscure one… He used to say that Rudy sort of sent him the word. How cool and wonderfully eerie.

To this day we still do the crossword together. We’ve swapped our puzzle of choice to the Saturday Telegraph as it’s a bit more challenging, they get easier as the same clues pop up again and again, retaining the words however, is another story. But check this out. A friend of mine told me recently the most amazing thing about how children of this generation will learn and that your smarts will come, not from the ability to regurgitate vast amounts of retained info but from how you process it, i.e. as most answers are now a mere click away, exhaustively learning tracts of data is not the point anymore. I think that’s the most modern concept I’ve heard in a long time. So lets embrace technology people. It’s coming their way like a train, best to get on board than be derailed by it.

When I started BOLD BUNNY I knew I wanted to include my love of words by way of some silly puns with clean and simple graphics. Pictured with this blog is the cover of Rudy’s first book, ‘The Moccasin Men’ (and no, I haven’t read it!) look at the insanely cool dust cover, designed by the man himself. The skull with J.R.’s tagline as the features is perfection.

So with my inky blood and my trustee steed (iMac) I will get back to my day job and the tasks ahead… Come to think of it. This writing thing is looking a lot more fun.

Darn paperwork.